Flat Tummy Detox

Flat Tummy Detox

Hey there! So I’m finally getting the chance to share my personal favorite daily detox drink I’ve been doing for a little over a year now! I’ve become a bit obsessed with this because I see immediate results. I even pack a travel size bottle with me on long vacations, it’s just THAT good. My problem, like many is bloat. Whether I eat a small portion or something healthy like a salad it’s all the same, I get a small food baby. When I drink this in the morning before breakfast I never get bloated after my other means throughout the day. I’ve even heard stories of weight loss with this detox.

Heres what you’ll need

  • 4-6 large lemons
  • water
  • cayenne pepper
  • apple cider vinegar


Heres how this simple “lemonade” works on the body. Each ingredient has different health benefits that promote weight loss, lets take a look.

Apple cider vinegar’s acetic acid suppresses your appetite, reduces water retention, boosts your metabolism, and helps break down starch and sugars that you consume.

Cayenne pepper helps to boost your metabolism, suppress your hunger, as well as lower cancer risk and blood pressure.

Lemon water fights infections, promotes digestion, boosts your metabolism, balances PH levels, and cleanses toxins out.


Once a week I combine around 4 large lemons to a pitcher full of water. I always eye how much cayenne I add to the pitcher. Too much for me is unbearable to drink but your standards might be higher:) Then every morning I pour a full cup from the pitcher and add a shot sized amount of apple cider to my drink. I also love doing this at night if I have a not so healthy meal that day. There you have it, my Secret Lemonade Detox. Oh and don’t worry, you’ll get use to the bitter taste soon!





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